32 Black Sheepinator WM

The Black Sheepinator, asthetically similar to the original Sheepinator.

The Black Sheepinator is the upgraded form of the Sheepinator in Going Commando. Like the original weapon, this does not deal damage, rather, it turns enemies into sheep instead, which are one-hit kills. This upgrade offers faster conversion time, but it also turns enemies into Black Sheep. Black Sheep do not idly walk by and graze, instead they bound towards enemies, and explode when they make contact with them (or Ratchet, and also explode when shot at). Fortunately, these explosions do not deal damage to Ratchet, and the result is no less hilarious.


  • The Black Sheepinator is the only Megacorp weapon, aside from the Zodiac, to not get a Mega version available for purchase in Challenge Mode. This lessens the usefulness of the weapon as Challenge Mode enemies take more time to transform.
  • When the player enters Challenge Mode with this weapon, the Weapons Menu icon (see top picture) reverts back to the one for the Sheepinator for no apparent reason.
  • Despite the fact that it's a two-handed weapon, Ratchet wields this weapon with just one.
  • Like other morph weapons, the Black Sheepinator is capable of turning any enemy into sheep, including non-organic life forms (i.e. robots). It's not known how this is possible, but it was probably done for gameplay purposes.

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