40 Clank Zapper WM

The Clank Zapper, the only weapon that involves Clank whilst playing as Ratchet.

The Clank Zapper is a special weapon, available only in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. It is first available on planet Oozla, however it can only be purchased in Challenge Mode, and for 1,000,000 bolts. It modifies Clank with the ability to fire bolts of electricity from his antenna. Before firing, the antenna glows green, and then it fires a green electric bolt that shocks enemies. Despite this, it is in fact very weak, being able to barely damage enemies even on Barlow. The bolts primarily fire forwards, but can hit enemies behind Ratchet if needed.

Aside from lack of power, the Clank Zapper does suffer from another problem, which is that Clank looks exactly the same when the weapon is on than when it is off. This means that there is no visual indication of when each 'session' has finished, meaning potentially lost ammo. Thankfully, this weapon is not required when going after the Weapon Envy Skill Point, which requires the player to purchase every weapon and upgrade them to their second form, if applicable.

With several uses, the Clank Zapper will upgrade into the Clank Shocker, with additional damage ability.


  • The Clank Zapper may have been intended to be a weapon for Normal Mode, due to it's lack of power. For whatever reason it was cut from Normal Mode and pushed into Challenge Mode, as a sort of bonus weapon (this would also account for its very steep price for a weapon that cannot even effectively deal with early level Challenge Mode enemies).

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