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Ratchet being protected by a cluster of drones.

The Defensive Drone Device is a drone weapon from Ratchet & Clank. It can be purchased after visiting planet Hoven for 7,500 Bolt Icon (Invert). It is not a weapon Ratchet wears or holds. Instead, choosing it from the Weapons menu or Quick Select will spawn six flying drones, which orbit around Ratchet in a ring. If an enemy gets too close to Ratchet, they will take the hit for him instead, and detonate, which of course damages the enemy.

This makes the device very useful in crowd situations where the Pyrocitor or Tesla Claw might not hit an enemy in time as Ratchet turns around. It is also handy in boss fights that spawn enemies, and the user wants to concentrate on the boss rather than it's minions. Selecting the weapon when one or more drones are remaining will not use up one ammo for each drone like with the Synthenoids. Instead, only one ammo is used no matter how many drones need to be replenished, meaning that the player should wait until next to no drones are left until they top up.

In-game DescriptionsEdit

"Defensive Drone Glove! Surround yourself with a screen of point defense bots." ~Vendor Description

"Whenever this device is selected from the QuickSelect menu or Weapons menu, it will automatically deploy protective Defense Drones. These drones will absorb damage from incoming attacks, leaving your hands free to use other weapons.
If any drones are destroyed, simply select the device again to replenish your orbiting friends." ~Help Menu Description.



  • The Defensive Drone Device was originally going to be the Defensive Drone Glove (concept art seen above in gallery). It was changed to being a device that isn't equipped during development, probably because it was more user friendly to not have to equip the weapon, toss out a drone, then change back (especially since the Quick Select in the original game didn't pause when you used it). This practice would carry over into the Synthenoids, and the Crack in Time appearance of Mr. Zurkon. Despite the change, however, the name Defensive Drone Glove still appears in the Vendor description (see above).
    • When Ammo is picked up for the weapon, the text reads 'Drone Glove ammo', further proof of it once being in glove form.
  • Despite what the Help Menu description says, Defensive Drones do not protect Ratchet from incoming projectiles.
  • Although all other weapons have Gold Weapon textures, the Drone Device is the only weapon that lacks one, possibly because the original texture was on the glove that wasn't in the game.

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