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Giganto ray

Concept art seen from a video.

Cut weapon from Ratchet & Clank, it was seen in the background of the Ratchet & Clank box art. There is currently nothing known on the weapon except that it might have possibly worked in conjunction with the Shrink-o-Ray or it could have been used to make enemies larger for reasons unknown.


  • It is unknown if this weapon was to be available with the Morph-o-Ray or if it later evolved into it.
  • The weapon was seen on the cover next to the Shrink-o-Ray, possibly the Giganto Ray was to be used in conjunction with it.
  • The Giganto Ray could have had something to do with Giant Clank, possibly being what originally made him large.
  • The Giganto-Ray was one of four weapons seen only on the game's cover, the other three being the Boom Ball Gun, Revolverator and the Shrink-o-Ray.

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