27 Hoverbomb Gun WM

The Megacorp Hoverbomb Gun.

The Hoverbomb Gun is a high-powered weapon available in Ratchet and Clank 2, and is available at Todano for a hefty 120,000 bolts. The weapon fires a large, red Hoverbomb mine that floats away, after which the user can detonate the bomb at any time by pressing the fire button once more. However, added functionality comes when the player holds down the Circle button. Doing this allows the player to move the Hoverbomb up, down, and sideways with the Left Analog Stick while it floats forwards, at the expense of losing control of Ratchet. When the player releases Circle, the bomb detonates. The secondary fire is very useful if there are enemies behind cover and the player is out of ammo for most of their weapons. The player can simply fire the bombs, wait for them to hit the cover, move the mine up, and then detonate the charge without having to put Ratchet in harm's way.

With extended use, the Hoverbomb Gun would eventually upgrade into the Tetrabomb Gun, which would fire five hoverbombs at a time rather than one.


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