01 Lancer WM

The Megacorp Lancer.

The Megacorp Lancer is the very first weapon that Ratchet wields in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando (standard issue for Megacorp Commandos). It performs as an automatic laser pistol; as a result, while the individual shots may be weaker, the rate of fire and high ammo capacity make up for it. The high ammo and auto-tracking on the shots make it a very good choice for taking out smaller, one-hit enemies like the Mutant Swamp Flies.

The Lancer has its own special challenge at the Maktar Arena, where the player has to make it through several rounds using only the Lancer without running out of ammo. This is made difficult as no ammo crates spawn during the challenge.

Heavy Lancer

02 Heavy Lancer WM

The Heavy Lancer, which has a radically different design.

When the Lancer upgrades, it becomes the Heavy Lancer. While it gains no added functionality, the power and the rate of fire of the weapon is greatly increased, meaning it can take out enemies in a flurry of lasers. This does, however, make it harder to complete the challenge mentioned above, as the higher rate of fire means it can be easy to fire off two or three more shots than intended, which can cause the player to fail unintentionally.

Going Mobile


Ratchet wields the Going Mobile version of the Lancer.

The Lancer makes its second appearance in Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile, along with the likes of the Gravity Bomb and Minirocket Tube. The Lancer is the starting weapon Ratchet receives and is a basic pistol to attack enemies from a distance until Ratchet can buy stronger items. Being a basic starting weapon, it is not very powerful, but still useful in that it prevents enemies getting close to Ratchet to deal melee damage. When the player starts the game, there is no ammo for it, and until Ratchet finds some ammunition in the second level, the Lancer is inoperable.

It is interesting to note that although the the name of weapon is Lancer, the look is similar to that of the N60 Storm.


  • As seen in early preview images of the game, the color of the Lancer's shots were green and those for the Heavy Lancer were cyan, although this was later changed before the game's release for reasons unknown. When the original Lancer was in use, it would emit an electrical current around it.


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