11 Miniturret Glove WM

The Miniturret Glove, best used strategically.

The Miniturret Glove is a tactical Megacorp weapon available in Ratchet & Clank 2. It is initially used much like the Bomb Glove, where the player tosses a pod which hits the ground a short way away. Unlike the Bomb Glove, however, it doesn't explode, rather it opens up to reveal a mini machine gun turret. This turret will then target enemies and shoot at them until it runs out of ammo. Like the Chopper, the Miniturrets aren't overly powerful on their own, but several out at once can mean a lot of trouble for enemies.

The Miniturret is a very good weapon for when you want to defend your position, but also for arena challenges where you aren't supposed to get hit. Players should use caution when using large amounts of Miniturrets, as more than five or so will cause the game to no know which turrets to keep active or inactive. This results in turrets activating and then deactivating before they can fire, making them useless.

Up Your Arsenal

0001s 0000s 0009 Miniturret Glove V1-4 WM

The Miniturret in Up Your Arsenal.

The Miniturret Glove would make a return in the sequel to Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, when Ratchet is on Aquatos. Like the other returning Megacorp weapons, the Miniturret Glove can only be bought from Slim Cognito on the ocean planet, and uses UYA's V1-V5 upgrading system, rather than Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando's one-two system. If the player has a save on the Memory Card in Slot 1 where the player already bought the Miniturret Glove, they can get it for free in Up Your Arsenal, saving precious Bolts. However, you cannot buy ammo for it via the Gadgetron PDA, as that gadget only covers Gadgetron Weapons.

Megaturret Glove

12 Megaturret Glove WM

The Megaturret Glove, a blue reskin of the Miniturret Glove.

The Megaturret Glove is the upgraded form of the Miniturret Glove. Rather than firing laser shots, which can miss the enemy if it is moving, Megaturrets fire guided missiles that track after enemies. The missiles, as expected, also deal a lot more damage than the old lasers, however they are fired more slowly than the laser shots of the Miniturret.

In Up Your Arsenal, the Megaturret Glove sports dual barrels. While both have the same firing speed as the Going Commando version, they fire alternately, meaning effectively twice the rate of fire. This is still not, however, as fast as the Miniturret can fire it's lasers.



  • A weapon similar to this one was planned to be included in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, although it never made it fully into the game. A usable version was shown in the High Impact Treehouse, known as the CUT.
  • The only other turret dispensing weapon in the series is the Mini Turret Launcher in Ratchet: Deadlocked.
  • The Dual Barreled Megaturret seen in UYA was apparently originally intended for Going Commando. It may have been removed for balancing reasons at the time, then Insomniac changed their minds when bringing the weapon back for UYA.
  • The actual Megaturrets feature shark-like artwork on the sides, similar to that of Spitfires from the Grey Nurse Squadron (named after the Grey Nurse Shark).
  • The Miniturret and Minirocket Tube both share the same initial plural, as do their upgrades, the Megaturret and the Megarocket Cannon.
    • Both also suffer from name redundancy in Challenge Mode, in this case being called the Mega Megaturret.

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