Cameo bonus character, Ratchet is a versus mode player who is unlocked along with Clank as a caddy after winning a game against him. Ratchet also has custom voice clips mentioning several things from the game including the Blaster. he also breaks the Fourth Wall at certain points of the game including saying he lost his Sony Mascot status. In the game, Ratchet is part of Team Veldin. Hear Ratchet's voice clips here and see gameplay of Ratchet here.

In-Game Quotes

"You're smarter than I thought!"

"Headed for a new galactic record!"

"People always play their best against me!"

"Try Tennis!"

"I'm the star of the show!"

"Beats saving the galaxy."

"I can't wait to tell Clank"

"But I saved the galaxy!"

"I need a club upgrade."

"I might pop out and blast a few robots."

"I'm going back to Hoverboarding."

"Where's the R.Y.N.O. when I need it?"

"This is more fun than Hoverboarding!"

"I'm going commando, how about you?"

"You're lucky I don't have my Blaster!"

"Always bet on the Lombax!"

"Am I in a practical joke show?"

"Are there any Platinum Bolts around here?"

"How do I upgrade these clubs?"

"That's fine, I have unlimited lives."

"Did you take some lucky pills?"

"I must be in an alternate dimension."

"It's in my contract, I'm supposed to win!"

"That's it, this galaxy blows!"

"Somebody get me my weapons."

"I should stick to starships and Hoverboards."

"Who needs Clank?"

"I'll be in my starship, crying."

"There goes my mascot status"

"Wanna be my new sidekick?"

"I should never have agreed to this."

"Can I go back to my game now?"

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