07 Seeker Gun WM

The Seeker Gun, unique for it's distinctive blades.

The Seeker Gun is a very unique weapon in the Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando Arsenal. It fires a high-powered Seeker missile, which floats forward until it either blows up after not hitting anything, or it detects an enemy. When it does, the missile activates, backs up, and then slams into the enemy, dealing massive damage. It is a very powerful weapon, taking out even the most powerful enemies of the levels it can first be bought from. This is very handy, as the level it can be first bought from has a lot of other weapons the player can buy, so they can actually save it for later safe in the knowledge that it can still take care of the stronger enemies in the later levels.

HK-22 Gun

08 HK-22 Gun WM

The HK-22 Gun, featuring larger blades.

The HK-22 Gun is the upgrade to the Seeker Gun. This version of the weapon fires three Seeker missiles instead of just one, meaning it can cover more ground and save the player some ammo. The missiles spread out in a W formation, with the center missile going straight ahead, with the two flanking Seekers going ahead on a left or right angle, depending on the missile in question.

There is a bug with the HK-22 gun when used in conjunction with the Lock-On Mod you can buy for it from Slim Cognito's. If you Lock-On to an enemy with L2 and R2 and fire the weapon, when the missiles hit the enemy, the damage total is only that of one missile. A possible reason for this is because when you fire with the Lock-On Mod active, the Seeker missiles immediately know which enemy to hit when they leave the barrel. Thus, they all hit the enemy at the exact same time, and instead of counting up all three missile's damage, the game only counts one.


Seeker Gun Hi-Res

Promotional render of the Seeker.

  • The Seeker Gun is one of a select few weapons that have its handle inside the weapon, and Ratchet wears it over his hand like a glove weapon. The offset of this is that in non-cutscene scenes, such as picking up a Platinum Bolt, Ratchet's hand disappears with the weapon.
  • Despite having large blades on the front of the gun, Ratchet can never actually use them in battle to skewer other enemies.


Homing grenade

Concept art for the Seeker Gun.