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The Suck Cannon was not, in fact, made by Gadgetron.

The Suck Cannon is a Blargian-developed Gadgetron weapon available in Ratchet & Clank. It is the very first weapon that can be found, rather than bought, being found at the end of the longer route on planet Eudora. It also costs no bolts to pay for ammo. Instead, it uses Quantum Technology to suck in small enemies inside of it like a vacuum cleaner when the user holds down the fire button. When the user sucks up enough enemies, they can press fire again to shoot out the poor enemies into whatever the player desires. It should be noted that it is not possible to keep sucking enemies after there are already enemies stored within the cannon, the only solution is to fire out the enemies inside. This weapon also has no auto-targeting, and foes are affected by gravity.

The Suck Cannon has a total ammo capacity of five, but as mentioned, only the smallest of enemies can be sucked in due to the need to fit through the barrel. One particularly amusing target are Chickens created by the Morph-o-Ray, which in effect double the bolts they release (once for the Morph, and again for being sucked in). Sadly, the giant Chickens created by the Gold Morph-o-Ray are not able to be sucked in, again due to the size issue. Some people have used the Suck Cannon as a contingency item whereby the user would suck up several enemies beforehand and use the weapon during times of need when a more conventional weapon, such as the Devastator, was depleted of ammo.

The Suck Cannon proved to be a popular weapon amongst fans, so much so that it returned in Up Your Arsenal and Size Matters.

Gold Suck Cannon

0002s 0008 Gold Suck Cannon Purchase WM

Ratchet picks up the Gold Suck Cannon.

The Gold Suck Cannon is the premium version of the Suck Cannon, and can be bought from the Gemlik Base and Novalis Gold Weapon Showrooms for 10,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) and 4 Gold Bolts. In addition to a doubled capacity of ten enemies, enemies shot out by the Gold Suck Cannon explode with green fire when they hit something. This made the weapon a much more useful item in the game.

Up Your Arsenal

0001s 0010s 0004 Suck Cannon Compilation

The UYA Suck Cannon's upgrade line.

V1 to V4

The Suck Cannon returns in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal with a brand new design that resembles a jet engine, and the ability to suck up crates. It can be bought after visiting the Starship Phoenix for the first time for 8,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), but with the Gadgetron Employee Discount, the Suck Cannon will be reduced by 10% to 7,200 Bolt Icon (Invert).

The updated version of the Suck Cannon can now upgrade just like other Gadgetron weapons in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. The V2 version has double the range of the V1 edition, and enemies and crates can now ricochet off of walls and enemies. V3 increases the amount of enemies and crates that can be stored inside the weapon, and these objects are also set on fire when they are shot out. The V4 version offers no benefits aside from added power.

Vortex Cannon (UYA)

0001s 0010s 0000 Vortex Cannon WM

The powerful Vortex Cannon.

When the Suck Cannon reaches V5, it upgrades into the Vortex Cannon. In addition to the added power that makes this a formidible weapon and a huge ammo capacity, the Vortex Cannon converts anything sucked into it, whether it be enemies or crates, into flaming comets.

Size Matters

The Size Matters version of the Suck Cannon behaves identically to the one from UYA, however this version turns into the Vortex Cannon at V4 like all the other Size Matters weapons. This version is first purchasable from within the Dreamtime level for 30,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), meaning that this is the most expensive incarnation of the Suck Cannon.

Logically, however, Ratchet should never be able to keep this weapon (or any bolts and experience he earns) because the level is a dream entirely in his own mind.


In-game Descriptions

"The Suck Cannon is a prototype weapon under development by the Blarg. What we know about this device is that it uses new quantum technology to suck up small enemies, then convert them to explosive projectiles.
Simply hold down Circle to suck enemies into the gun. Then, tap Circle again to fire an enemy back out! Keep Circle held down for rapid fire!" ~ Help Menu Description

"Even though the Suck Cannon was never released as a production weapon, we've decided to release a Gold version thanks to the prototype's popularity.
The Gold Suck Cannon has an increased capacity and its projectiles will now do more damage." ~ Help Menu Description (Gold version)

"Coming soon to a Gadgetron vendor near you, the Suck Cannon is a prototype weapon that uses new quantum technology to suck up small enemies and convert them into explosive projectiles." ~ UK Manual Description



The original UI for the Cannon.

  • The Suck Cannon was one of the very first weapons designed for Ratchet & Clank, so much so that it appeared in the final artwork sketch for the designs of Ratchet and Clank together.
    • It was also the first weapon to go through no name changes throughout development of the game.
  • The amusing aspect about shooting crates at enemies with the UYA and SM Suck Cannons is that they don't release their rewards until they have been shot out and hit something. This means that Nanotech and Ammo crates don't give their rewards until that moment, making it appear that enemies give you Nanotech and Ammo along with bolts.
    • It is unknown if Explosive Crates do any extra damage due to the fact that they are explosive all on their own.
  • Originally, a small cross-section of the Suck Cannon on the top-left of the screen would indicate the amount of objects sucked up. This was later changed to a simple bar in the final version, it is unknown why this change was made.
  • The origin of the Suck Cannon is widely disputed among fans. One argument states it was invented by the Blarg, as it was said by the in-game help and the fact that the weapon was found on Eudora, at the time a Blargian-occupied planet. An infomercial for the Blarg Tactical Research Station mentions the job Suck Cannon Test Dummy. Despite this, the manual states it was created by Gadgetron, contradicting the first claim. The most likely answer to this is that the weapon was originally invented by Blarg and sold/licensed to Gadgetron, as every later version of the Suck Cannon was sold by them.