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The very powerful Gadgetron Tesla Claw.

The Tesla Claw is an electricity-based weapon available in Ratchet & Clank, after visiting Oltanis for the first time. It costs a whopping 40,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) to purchase, making it more expensive than all but two Gold Weapons, and the most expensive normal weapon in the game, excluding the R.Y.N.O.. It works by firing a beam of electricity straight ahead, using the latest in Electrostatic technology, shocking any enemy it comes into contact with. This makes it functionally similar to the Pyrocitor, however not only is the Tesla Claw more powerful, but it's electricity beam can arc and bend towards nearby enemies. Therefore it can wipe out many enemies quite quickly, especially in a crowd situation.

Gold Tesla Claw

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Ratchet admires his new Gold Tesla Claw.

The Gold Tesla Claw is the upgraded version of the original weapon, purchasable from the Gold Weapon Showroom on Novalis for 60,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), and four Gold Bolts, making it tied with the Gold Devastator as the most expensive Gold Weapon in the game. In addition to more power and a green electrical beam, the Tesla Claw's beam can now arc from one target to another one, making it devastating against groups of enemies, particularly if they're small.

Going Commando

The Tesla Claw makes a reappearance in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. You can purchase it only from the Gadgetron Vendor on planet Barlow for the low price of 8,000 Bolt Icon (Invert), which is significantly cheaper than in the first game. It can be acquired for cheaper still if you bought it in the original game and have that save on the Memory Card in Slot 1, where you will be able to buy it for free. However, in Going Commando the Tesla Claw is significantly weaker than in the original due to the stronger enemies, making it all but useless. It also cannot upgrade.

A Mega version is buyable from any Vendor in Challenge Mode if you got the original, however it is no more useful than it was before. However, because the Tesla Claw had a Gold version, the Mega version fires a green beam just like it (Though it is not colored gold).


In-game Descriptions

"Tesla Claw! Blast the bad guys with bolts of electricity!" ~Vendor Description

"Using state-of-the-art electrostatic technology, the Tesla Claw is the pinnacle of Gadgetron weapons technology. The Tesla Claw sends a powerful stream of charged particles to your nearest foe, destroying it with deadly efficiency.
The Tesla Claw will automatically seek a new target whenever its current target is obliterated." ~Help Menu Description

"The Gold Tesla Claw is a more powerful version of one of Gadgetron's most effective weapons. Fry your enemies even faster with this dynamo!" ~Help Menu Description (Gold version)


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An enemy being picked up by the beta Tesla Claw.

  • In old promotional material for the game, the Tesla Claw was said to be able to pick up enemies and toss them about. This was later changed for the final release, probably because the PS2 was unable to handle that at the time. Along with the functionality change, the weapon's effect and sounds were also replaced as well.
  • The name of the weapon itself is a reference to Nikola Tesla, a scientist who worked in various fields of science, including electricity. He later invented the Tesla Coil, possibly what the Claw was inspired by.
  • When Ammo for the Tesla Claw is picked up the text reads 'tesla claw ammo'. Unlike other Ammo texts that have the item capitalized, the name is in all lowercase, meaning the item isn't highlighted as others are.
  • Although the Tesla Claw has no handle on the side of it, Ratchet fires it as if there was one. This is because Ratchet's Pyrocitor animation firing was reused for the Tesla Claw.
  • It is possible that the Tesla Claw may be related to the Electroids and the Plasmabots as they possessed a similar weapon.

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