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The Gadgetron Visibomb, a weapon that can control great or terribly, depending on the player.

The Visibomb Gun, often just called the Visibomb, is a very unique weapon available in the original Ratchet & Clank, for a pricey 15,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) after visiting Pokitaru for the first time. It fires a rocket much like it's close cousin, the Devastator. However, unlike the Devastator, an onboard camera allows the player to guide the rocket. The gameplay camera shifts to the onboard one immediately after firing, and the player can use the Left Analog Stick to move the missile around manually. This functionality allows the player to hit specific enemies from extraordinarily long distances, as well as hit enemies behind obstacles, over walls, behind objects, or are generally placed in such a way that a more direct shot from the Devastator won't work. It can also be used to generally just fly around somewhere for fun.

This functionality isn't infinite, however. After a certain period of time, the Visibomb rocket will self-detonate, and if the user flies the Visibomb too far from the gun, the reception of the Visibomb will degrade into static, and then the rocket will be lost (it will not even detonate, simply disappear). If the player wishes to detonate the rocket themselves, they can do so by pressing the fire button again.

Going Commando

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The Visibomb in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando.

The Visibomb is available again in Going Commando for a reduced 8,000 Bolt Icon (Invert) price, from the Gadgetron Vendor on planet Barlow. If the player bought the Visibomb in the original game and has that save on the Memory Card in Slot 1, then they can get this weapon for free. However, because the Visibomb doesn't upgrade like the Megacorp weapons can, it is almost useless from the point at which it can be bought in the game. This is because the enemies health gets larger and larger even from the start of the game, and thus the Visibomb, designed for enemies that don't do this, is quickly out of its league. The reception restrictions on a level also tend to be much more tight in Going Commando levels than they were in the original game.


In-game Descriptions

"Visibomb! Steer your missiles with deadly accuracy using the on-board video relay!" ~Vendor Description

"The Visibomb Gun is the most effective long range weapon made by Gadgetron! Just launch a remote-controlled Visibomb and deliver a massive payload with pinpoint accuracy!
Caution: always fire the gun from a safe place, since damage to the user will terminate the missile's flight." ~Help Menu Description


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The Visibomb's original effect.

  • The Visibomb is required for a Skill Point on Pokitaru, where you need to shoot down three of the flying Blarg Saucers.
    • It is also needed to get a Gold Bolt on Gemlik Base. There is one hidden in a room inside the base that is blocked by a forcefield, and no obvious way to shoot down the tower that powers it. However, if the player shoots a Visibomb from on top of the tower their ship lands on, they will find a hole straight ahead and at an elevated position. They can follow this hole down and intro the space station where they can fly the rocket right into the control tower. Alternatively, they can simply come back to this level after completing it the first time, where the shield will be deactivated.
  • The concept art above shows that the monitor at the top of the weapon was originally more scope-like, although this was later changed into a screen, possibly because Insomniac couldn't make an animation of Ratchet having to raise the Visibomb Gun and look through the scope.
  • It was discovered that the Visibomb Gun, as well every other weapon in the game, was to have a Gold Weapon version. While it didn't make it to the game, it's texture did and was able to be accessed using Hacks for the game. The Gold Visibomb Gun's abilities are not known, though it is possible the user might have been able to see the Visibomb camera more clearly or perhaps the upgrade would give additional damage to the Visibomb itself.
  • The original Visibomb's camera was originally a yellowish color, and lacked the interference effects found in the final version.

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