38 Zodiac WM

The hugely powerful (and hugely expensive) Zodiac.

The Zodiac is a superweapon available in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, available from Ratchet's second visit to Aranos for a whopping 1,500,000 bolts. When it is fired, it charges up, and released a blast so powerful it whites out the screen. All on-screen enemies, no matter how powerful they are, are obliterated into ash which falls gently to the ground. If Ratchet is standing in place, he will raise the Zodiac into the air as it fires.

Despite it's awesome power, it does suffer from some major design flaws. The most obvious of these is that each shot for the weapon costs 10,000 Bolts each, and the weapon can only hold a maximum of 4 shots. If a player empties all the ammo, they will have been able to pay for the Chopper eight times over, or pay for two Pulse Rifles. Fortunately, the Zodiac is able to get ammo from Ammo Crates. Another problem is that enemies are only vaporized if they are visible on-screen. If they walk off-screen, or are hidden behind an object, they will receive no damage whatsoever. The charge-up time also means Ratchet is vulnerable to attack while using the weapon, and if he is hit, the attack is canceled. The final flaw is that the damage will not effect bosses in the slightest, which means that it is only really useful for large clusters of enemies to maximize the usefulness of shots that cost 10,000 Bolts each. These large clusters of enemies do not occur very often in the game outside of Arena events.


  • The Zodiac initially appears to be very unthreatening, being that the only possible source of a shot initially is the little dingy aerial on the front. However, when the weapon is fired, several plates unfold to reveal a set of what appear to be energy rods, which release the destructive power.